Inter-M PMU 60N Mixing Amplifier

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60 Watt Digital Media Mixing Amplifier PMU-60N


The PMU-60N/120N/240N are 6-Input 60/120/240-watt mixer/amplifier with a built in digital portable media player that will playback MP3 / WMA audio files using the front panel mounted USB-A port. Music can be played directly from a USB memory stick without the use of an external playback device such as CD player. The PM series offers input flexibility with its 6 flexible microphone and line level selectable inputs. Direct PC USB audio input is possible via the built in USB PC sound card.
Listening to internet radio is now possible without the use of a computer or Smartphone. A direct network connection makes the PMU series amplifier great for BGM applications that receive their audio program via network, LAN, WAN and internet TCP/IP or RTSP. The PMU is also compatible with Inter-M AOE-212 Audio over Ethernet transition allowing for original content audio programs or paging to be distributed over standard network to one or many PMU amplifiers in a building, school or campus.

Input options include 5 selectable microphone or line level, a telephone and a dual RCA sum-to-mono. The A front panel 1/8″ mini-jack makes it easy to plug-in a portable music source. Detachable Euro bloc connectors are available for inputs 1,2 and 3 for easy wiring on the job site.
A large 2.8’’ Color LCD displays the operation status as well as USB MP3 song title, artist, album art and output Level.

The PM series uses SMPS, Switch mode power supply for added energy efficiency in a compact size. SMPS-Switch mode power supply provides high efficiency and low weigh. Among their advantages is their reduced physical size and lower heat dissipation. SMPS offer power efficiency and reduced power consumption over traditional amplifiers.

The master output volume can be remote controlled using the VCA terminal. This feature is ideal for Hotel meeting rooms, Bars and restaurants.


  • Streaming network audio
  • Built in USB PC sound card
  • 6 audio inputs
  • 5 output zone selector
  • Built in MP3 / WMA player
  • Large 2.8’’ Color LCD
  • Bass & Treble tone control
  • SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) technology
  • Chime function
  • Remote master VCA control
  • External mute
  • Telephone paging input
  • Multiple I/O, XLR. RCA and euroblocks


The PMU-60N/120N/240N series mixer-amplifiers provide outstanding value and functionality for installed sound applications in a wide variety of commercial installations including: Education, Fitness Centers, Retail, Restaurants, dance studios, and BGM. The network audio connection makes the PMU series amplifier great for BGM applications that receive their audio program via network, LAN, Wan and internet TCP/IP or RTSP.