ECLER CA200Z Digital Mixing Amplifier

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Digital Mixing Amplifier ECLER CA200Z Digital Mixing Amplifier Price


The CA200z is a compact digital mixing amplifier with 2 output zones and 6 audio inputs, together with a full and smart set of remote control options. It is a perfect solution in many applications: an all-in-one audio device in retail shops, multimedia, presentation and education projects that can be perfectly integrated with external control devices, from Ecler and from third-party players.


  • 2 x 70 W RMS @ 4Ω amplifier
  • STEREO, MONO, BRIDGE or independent ZONES A/B working modes
  • 4 LINE stereo inputs. Each independent audio output (ZONE A or B) can have its own LINE source selection among these 4 options, with independent VOL and independent tone control
  • 2 MIC balanced inputs. MIC1 and/or MIC2 can be sent independently to ZONE A or ZONE B, using the Talkover or Pager feature or not (straight mix)
  • 2-level Talkover / Pager priority system (MIC1 and 2 can have the same or different priority level)
  • MIC1 and MIC2 with Phantom power and independent Noise Gate and Talkover / Pager functions, with adjustable thresholds, attenuation, attack times, etc.
  • Additional PAGER input for the connection of the MPAGE4 desktop paging station
  • MIC2 and LINE2 inputs doubled on front panel , with jack and mini-jack connectors
  • AUX A/B LINE output, for the connection to external amplifiers or mixers / matrixes
  • Front panel LCD display
  • Digital rotary encoder for zone selection, volume management and the basic and advanced setup modes browsing
  • Direct access selection keys for the LINE and MIC inputs
  • ON / STANDBY, Signal Present and CLIP LED indicators
  • RS-232 interface for external (third-party) remote control. CA-NET protocol compatible
  • 2 REMOTE ports included, compatible with WPm series (0-10 VDC), one for each output zone: volume and source / preset selection
  • IR receiver (IR remote control included)
  • 5 Preset working memories, recoverable by means of the front panel controls, IR remote control, WPmVOL-SR panel or RS-232 interface
  • Auto start-up preset recovery function©
  • Front panel LOCK mode to avoid unwanted manipulation
  • LCD display with ON, OFF and DIMMED idle modes
  • 2 x 70 Wrms power, class D amplifier. It can also work in BRIDGE mode
  • Universal Switching Power Supply
  • Auto stand by function (these last 4 features make it a realGREEN product)
  • Size: half-rack width, compatible with the mini-racks used more and more in some applications, and also with standard full-rack width using the 2UHRMKIT optional kit