Inter-M 60W/100W Public Address Mixing Amplifier

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Commercial PA / Mixing Amplifiers



The MA-106N/110N is a 1U compact 3-input channel 60W PA Mixer Amplifier. Ideal for use in a small place such as the classroom, training center, restaurant, and cafe for both BGM playback and public address. Powered by a high efficiency class D amplifier topology, this amplifier offers high reliability, light weight, high energy efficiency, low power consumption and low heat dissipation.


  • 1U Compact Size Design
  • Class D Amplifier Topology
  • SMPS Switch mode power supply
  • 60W/100W High Efficiency output
  • 1 Front panel mounted 3.5mm TRS mini-jack
  • Bass and Treble Controls
  • TEL paging input
  • External MUTE
  • Optional rack mount kit (model BKT-MA106)
  • Safety/Compliance: cCSAus, CE, RoHS
  • 3 inputs (2 mic/line on Euroblcok Connector and 1 BGM line inputs on RCA Connectors)

 One balanced mic/line input with phantom power on Euroblcok Connector